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Meet our medical staff

Rick Bugey, LCSW

Rick Bugey, LCSW

My focus with nonprofit clinic is working with individuals seeking mental health services or counseling for substance abuse concerns. Clients are seen for evaluation or relatively brief counseling for chronic conditions, pain, situational life stressors and addiction. I also offer relapse prevention counseling for individuals who are their misusing pain medication, having challenges with their pain contract or are finding themselves chemically dependent on nonprescription drugs.

Dr. Ryan Bellacov, DC

Dr. Ryan Bellacov, DC

Dr. Bellacov takes a holistic approach to healing, treating the whole patient. Most commonly, patients see him for help with pain, headaches, and ongoing alignment issues. Petra Caruso, ND

Dr. Petra Caruso, ND

Dr. Petra Caruso, licensed naturopathic physician, is dedicated to helping patients discover the underlying cause of their symptoms and helping them to remove the obstacles to cure. This allows the body to regain balance, necessary for deep healing to occur. She has a deep, core belief that health is achievable for all of us and with the proper guidance and dedication, everyone can live in balance and enjoy the many benefits of better health and energy. Novasio

Yvonne Novasio

volunteer board member.

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