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About Us

Welcome to Community Wellness Center
501(c)(3) Integrative medical clinic in Oregon.
• Promising you equal access to health care and education.
• Promoting ecologically sustainable integral medicine.
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Integrative Medical Services

Description: To provide the community with affordable integrated health care and education.
Population: low income adults and children
Success: Number of visits for low income patients tracking free or sliding scale visits
Monitored: We will be monitored by state run program called Patient centered primary care home program. Please go to for more information.

Prescriptions for Produce
Description: The goal of the “Prescriptions for Produce” is to build a strong sense of community through agriculture by growing produce with and for people with low incomes, offering education and training in ecologically conscious agriculture, and using our sites for the personal restoration of youth and adults.
Food & Nutrition Population: low income adults and children/ youth
Success Our annual goal is to reduce the A1C labs of these diabetes patients by 3%, and reduce 7% of the providers population with high blood pressure (out of Stage 1 hypertension) in one year. This will be accomplished by addressing the nutrition component of diabetes/hypertension and referring patients to nutritional counseling with supportive help. Primary care will prescribe produce to the patients, which the nutritionist will help coordinate the delivery. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures for diabetes care and high blood pressure will be used to monitor and measure outcomes. The volunteers will collect the data needed to measure our quality improvement and report the numbers to Clackamas County in six months for an update on the programs progress. Archiving our goal Community Wellness Center has grown 350lb of local garden produce with our goal 450lbs in 2016. Our two programs could not have been accomplished without 2,750 volunteer hours in 2015, which will increase with a partnership with City of West Linn.
Monitored: Community Wellness Center has progressively grown to implement a practice model of integrated primary care services with wellness, based on a framework promoted by the Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS). The goal of this integration was to better meet the needs of patients with chronic disease. Examples Success: In 2015, all volunteer medical providers treated over 300 free patient visits and 100 sliding fee discount. Overall our goal is to give quality health care improving clinical quality measurements like blood pressure and A1C for diabetics

Public safety though sustainability
Description: To provide the community with connection between sustainable lifestyle and public safety
Population: Sustainable lifestyles are patterns of action and consumption, used by people to affiliate and differentiate themselves from others, which: meet basic needs, provide a better quality of life, minimize the use of natural resources and emissions of waste and pollutants over the lifecycle, and do not jeopardize the needs of future generations. CWC learned right away that if Community didn’t believe they could have an impact in their neighborhood you would not get them involved. What happens time and time again is you’ll have a community meeting and if that meeting is not focused on something that someone can do directly, they don’t get engaged.
Success: Sustainability is a state of mind and way of life. Incorporating sustainability principles, concepts and approaches in both formal and informal education processes will help institutionalize these concepts. First CWC will make goals internally looking at consuming less energy and fewer resources
Monitored Short term goals monitored by energy usage from utility companies. Long term goals monitored by community class and neighborhood projects.

Public Safety

Disaster relief and preparedness

Other housing support

Our medical staff:

Rick Bugey, LCSW

Rick Bugey, LCSW

My focus with nonprofit clinic is working with individuals seeking mental health services or counseling for substance abuse concerns. Clients are seen for evaluation or relatively brief counseling for chronic conditions, pain, situational life stressors and addiction. I also offer relapse prevention counseling for individuals who are their misusing pain medication, having challenges with their pain contract or are finding themselves chemically dependent on nonprescription drugs.
Dr. Ryan Bellacov, DC

Dr. Ryan Bellacov, DC

Dr. Bellacov takes a holistic approach to healing, treating the whole patient. Most commonly, patients see him for help with pain, headaches, and ongoing alignment issues.

Dr. Petra Caruso, ND

Dr. Petra Caruso, ND

Dr. Petra Caruso, licensed naturopathic physician, is dedicated to helping patients discover the underlying cause of their symptoms and helping them to remove the obstacles to cure. This allows the body to regain balance, necessary for deep healing to occur. She has a deep, core belief that health is achievable for all of us and with the proper guidance and dedication, everyone can live in balance and enjoy the many benefits of better health and energy.

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